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1:1 Coaching.. Who is it for and how can I help you

Some of the main FAQ’s I’m asked about 1:1 Relationship & Intimacy Coaching

Q: I’m single, how could I benefit from your service?

A: When I work with singles it is usually because they have a recurring problem in their dating history. Maybe they are attracted to the wrong kind of person, they don’t have their boundaries set, they are ready to find love but want to make sure they know what they are looking for. Plus many other reasons. In our sessions we would pick through your issue and make a forward focussed plan on how you move past this to go on to have your happy ever after.

Q: I’m in a couple, is 1:1 coaching right for me?

A: Yes 100%. When I work with one person from a couple it is a great way to really get down to the details. Because coaching is not therapy or counselling it is sometimes easier to work with one side of the relationship. Usually when one person starts to grow, with my help, in the relationship the other partner “steps up” with them.

Q: What do we talk about in sessions?

A: Whatever you wish to bring. Your sessions are led by you and I’m here to ask questions and really help you to unpick any issues you may have. As an example, you may come with an issue that your partner continues to leave their underwear on the floor, I’m here to listen to what you are saying but also to facilitate your thinking around this subject. Usually the underwear isn’t the problem, it could be something like you have been feeling overwhelmed with work and/or home life and the underwear tipped you over the edge.

We’d then look at ways in which you could challenge yourself when you feel like this and recognise what you can change so that you maybe don’t reach this point.

Note – The above is a hypothetical situation and outcome.

Q: Do I have to book the package?

A: Yes! If you have never worked with me before then yes you need to book the package, you can pay the amount in smaller instalments if you wish but sessions have to be paid in advance and you are contracted in to the full 6 sessions.

Coaching takes time and work and some amount of accountability, at times you may need to revisit things that you have been thinking or feeling about until you have the issue really ironed out. The programme that I have is what has worked the best for my clients in the past.

Q: How often are the sessions?

A: I like to work fortnightly, especially with couples, as this gives time in between sessions to really put into practice what we have discussed. You have a 90 minute call first up, this is where we would really dig deep and create a plan for how you want to feel at the end of the programme. Following that session will be 5x 60 minute calls.

Q: Are the calls online?

A: Yes, currently all my clients I see online via Zoom.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The big question, if you’ve scrolled down to find out the price I really suggest reading through as the investment is so much more than just the price you pay.


This includes;

1x 90 minute call

5x 60 minute calls

Weekly email check in’s

Email and Voxer Support as and when you need it

Q: How do I book?

A: Firstly we need to set up a free consultation to ensure that my programme is the right fit for the changes you wish to make. This is done via Zoom at a time which is convenient for us both. We discuss what you can expect from me as your Relationship and Intimacy coach, what coaching is and isn’t and how I can help you.

We also discuss your needs and what you would like to achieve from coaching.

I never go in for the hard sell and actually prefer you to go away from this call and process the information for 24hrs before I follow up with an email. This takes away that impulse for you and allows you to make the decision which is right for you.

You can book your free appointment HERE!

Q: What happens if coaching doesn’t work for me?

A: Coaching will only work if you have an open mind to it and if you put the work in between our sessions, there is no formula or training that I can give you to tick the box and repair your relationship, if you use the space I provide for you, to explore yourself and go away and work on what comes up in the session then there is no reason why coaching won’t work for you.

I’m so confident that I offer a money back guarantee after your first session.

If you feel that, after your first session, coaching has not helped you, I will refund you any money paid (minus the 1st session fee) and will do it with love and light and no questions at all. This should give you peace of mind that your investment is safe.

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