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Valentine Flop?

Being that it is Valentines day and that I am a Relationship Coach I thought I would put a bonus episode of the podcast out for those of us who never want to have a crappy celebration ever again.

After being married for 15 years and never really celebrating the “mushy” stuff I decided that, actually, now it is more important than ever for us to mark these celebrations together and put in a bit of time and effort to show our feelings and gratitude for each other.

It doesn’t come easy. On the podcast I explain that whilst my husband is willing to go above and beyond to treat me on these occasions, he lacks in the organisation skills, so I had to either accept that we would never have the fancy celebration or I would have to do something about it, without actually organising it all myself.

I also wanted to take the pressure off of him trying to work out what I’m into at the minute and what food I’ve decided is my favourite this month.

Head over to the podcast to have a little listen in and then come find me on instagram or Facebook and let me know you Valentine win/fails.

The podcast will be back on Friday at 11am where I’ll be talking about how raising your self awareness can improve your relationships.

Michelle xx

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