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About Me

As a body positivity and mental health advocate, I understand how import the way you feel about yourself and your body can affect your day to day life.

My Mission

I’d rather have no sex than bad sex so I’m making it my mission for everyone to feel confident in their own skin enabling them to lead a fearless life in and outside of the bedroom. I want individuals to know exactly what their needs are and what makes them tick and to give them the confidence and skills to communicate that with their partner.

My History

As an ICF Accredited ACC Level Coach I’ve helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs to start, grow and expand their businesses. Although I loved working with entrepreneurs I quickly noticed a pattern, that even the most successful business owners could be prone to lacking confidence and found it difficult to discuss their relationship with their partners.

This led to me change my focus of coaching to an area which I have always been passionate about. Empowering individuals and couples to communicate with each other and build strong foundations for a healthy and long lasting relationship.

Michelle Mills

Michelle is the founder of the She Speaks Sex Podcast and is an ICF Accredited ACC Level Coach specialising in Sex, Relationships and Intimacy.

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